Monday, 21 July 2014

Pretties Scrap quilt just needs tea cozy...

Last week was not a good one for my own patchwork progress.  Apart from cutting out the blocks for my Paper Bag Challenge on Friday, nothing happened!  My excuse is that I was exhausted from that black quilt, and that's what I will stick too.
However, come Sunday and I thought I had better get  my act together if I wanted to get onto that lovely new baby fabric!  So plod away I did as I watched the documentary on Nancy Wake and her amazing war exploits in France.  Awesome and extremely brave lady. So all the rows are now together and looking good. I did try to photograph this properly, but you will have to speak to Tyson about this, vbg...

Tyson's claws are extremely large and very sharp, so did not want to risk trying to remove him.  He was so positive that a) it was his quilt to try out and 2)  I think she wants to play with me!!  LOL.  Now it is on to the borders - there are three to go on.
 We spent the day in Napier on Saturday and had a lovely time looking around at Placemakers and Mitre 10 and the different kinds of kitchens available.  We are trying to get some ideas formed on how we will convert the shop building when the time comes.  It plans to start early as there will no doubt be a little to and fro in the discussion of what goes where.  As I said to Kerry, if you just put things where I want them, we will have no hassles.....RFLOL.
And here is another of those blooming cat pics as I forgot to take photos of the quilt I finished and it is bitterly cold outside, so not going over to the shop...sorry.  Of course, for those of you in countries where cold is REALLY cold, we are just a bunch of must be all of 3-4C degrees out there, but remember - for us it IS cold.
I did buy Kerry a present - his old drill has died a natural death, so treated him to a lovely new set.  Tyson, of course, thinks all boxes are designed with him in mind.  I was too slow to get the bottoms-up view, but here he is all turned around.  A little tricky to curl up in though....

So we got him another box to sleep in and then it was a case of "no show without Punch" and Travis sulked until he got his box too.

Naturally, the too big cat is in the smaller box, and slightly smaller brother is spread out in the luxury of the larger box....hmmm.
Ok, enough cat pictures.  Here's a photo of this gorgeous tea cozy cover that I picked up at a local church fair for 10cents.  Love it.  I will come back in a day or two with some pics of the last quilt and maybe even the one I am loading now.

Keep warm and thanks for stopping in.


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  1. Love love love that scrap quilt. Do you have a pattern source? What is it with cats and boxes? Not to mention new quilts!
    Tea cosy to cute. All that work for 10c!

  2. Cats are so silly! That was a good find at the fair, I didn't even know that we still had those coins :p
    x Kea