Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hearts are back and a scrap or two...

Yesterday I finally reloaded the Affairs of the Heart quilt, but my head was still too mushy to cope with a black background.  I was pleased just to have it reload without any hitches and for it to be nice and straight.  Instead, after spending quite a bit of time chatting to Eve and Lorraine while they stitched and I sat,  I decided that I should be doing something.  Bad idea when you are suffering from mushy brain!

I know, my brain thought, let's make another Farmers Wife block.  Bad move Clare.  After finally getting all the pieces cut out with only four mistakes, I happily stitched this block together(with a little unpicking here and there.)  Plonked it down on the table and guess what!  Had one of the HST's upside down.  Oh dear, mushy brain is no fun.  This morning I decided to get it fixed straight away during my first 10 minute quilting break.

It still looks a bit hairy, but I not doing no more to it!!!  That background fabric frays like crazy too.

I was really rapt to get a whole row of hearts quilted today.  That only leaves one more row before the last three borders. One of these blocks was really finicky, but it came out well.

This shows the detail in the v shaped black that needed to be flattened.  Quilte pleased how this one turned out.

After finishing with quilting for the day I decided to be good and trim a few HST's from my box of offcuts from those flip corners while waiting for Kerry to finish up.  The box is getting a bit full.  Decided maybe if I trimmed 20 a day I would get on top of them???
The finished ones are definitely growing in Maybe this mushy brain can become permanent (vbg)

And to finish off here is Hamish with his birthday cake last week.  Dayn said it wasn't actually as big as it looks, but the look on his face is good!!

Thanks for popping in.  I hope your week is going really well.

Hugs and blessings,

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