Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Visit to Taupo Quilt Show and a few morsels of fabric....

But they have a designated use.  I found some lovely fabric to make a baby quilt for our grandchild that we will get to meet early next year.  This will be number 15 grandie and it is just as exciting as the first.  These are the fabrics....what do you think?

I am having a hard time keeping my hands off them and would love to start cutting them up right now.  But we must be strong here....finish something first Clare I told myself firmly.  Darn it, I had better get back to that Pretties quilt and finish putting those last rows together...they are all sewn, just need to be joined. Then this lovely wee owl fabric reached out and took my is so sweet, maybe it could be a nappy bag or something.

Don't you just love these elephants, giraffes and birds sitting on the hippopotomus' bottom?  There is a head to the hippo, but this is my all new try a different angle type of eh?

Yesterday morning I hitched a ride to Taupo with my friend Catherine and her hubby Paul.  The day was quite wet and miserable, so it was a good day to go to a quilt show.  While Paul chatted away to various people, Catherine and I did the rounds of the quilts with our "expert"  There were some nice quilts and I finally remembered to take some photos, but I need to learn to hold steady as there were a few fuzzy ones...sorry about that.
This quilt with large daisy flowers was striking.  My friend Linda from Razzle Dazzle Quilter did the awsome quilting on it.  Then I did love this one made from lots of Kaffe Fasset fabrics with Suffolk Puffs of all different

Aren't they just so gorgeous.  Not sure if I would have the patience to make them all, but I love ém. I thought this was lovely too and very nicely made.

   Isn't this a lovely quilt too.  I am rather taken with the flowers and the stems of course are made from ric rac which looks great.

This is one of the challenge entries which I thought was just so clever.  The theme was the 25th anniversary of the Taupo Quilt Makers.  This quilter made this realistic looking cake, the candles and a larger quilt plus a miniature one.  So well done.

After a visit to Linda once we had feasted on quilts, we headed back home to Waipukurau.  We stopped at this posh restuarant in Hastings for late lunch come dinner - just trying to think of its begins with M and has this great big sign outside with a yellow M on it....oh I remember now....McDonalds...vbg.

Today after church we were going to have lunch at our favourite place in Waipawa, when Mr Moore plaintively said,  "I wouldn't mind McDonald's"  Well, what could I now know that I have had two helpings of junk food this weekend!  Both from the same posh restuarant too!!!!!!

The good side of ending up in Hastings was that I went to see if my favourite hairdresser was on duty today.  Yay....she was...Hinnepare is so good with my hair and I was really happy to have a good haircut finally after the last disaster.  As I was leaving the Plaza, bumped into friend Marie.  Had a lovely chat and I asked her to take a photo of my haircut, then in return I took a photo of Marie to put on here....we both talked about hating to have our photos taken, but what the heck.  Have decided at my age I don't care anymore!! My hair is till wet so does look a bit funny and oh my goody gumdrops do I see some white showing there!!  Eeek.

Doesn't she look so lovely, I think so.  Well, after a couple  more stops at exciting places like Mitre 10 and Jaycar for man stuff, we cruised home.  A jolly lovely weekend with not much work done by me.  Back to the heart quilt tomorrow...I have finished all the blocks and will be starting on the 3 borders left in the morning.
The end is in sight.

So that's the big catch up.  I hope you have enjoyed this very long's a bit of a saga, but then my whole life has been a saga.  We are all on a journey aren't we?

Have an awesome week and may you have many blessings along the way.


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