Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Two huge quilts....one week

I excelled myself last week by quilting two massive quilts or should I say one massive the other huge?  I had arranged to go out to my friend Catherine's to use her gorgeous Hobby Quilter (that was my first long arm) as her frame is a 3.6m Hinterburg.  Mine is only 3m and my friend Colleen had made a quilt for her iron framed bed which seems to be about 3 metres off the ground judging by the size of this quilt!!  Therefore the quilt measured around 3.1m in length.

Ready to get started

We had to join the wool batting to make it big enough.

The beautiful border fabric that is the basis of this colour washed Irish Chain quilt.

Finished at last...it is only 8 o'clock at night!  By the way, did I mention that Catherine lives way out the back of Waipukurau at the end of a no exit dirt road after about 50 mins of driving.

I had such fun doing large and small freehand feathers all over the huge border.  It was a great way to practice.  On the body of the quilt it was mainly a large meander and a freehand flower in the light centre of the blocks.  I forgot to take a photo of that.  Was so pleased with the finished result though.

The next day a customer rang to say her sister was going back to Australia early and  was her quilt ready?  Well I had planned to quilt over Thursday/Friday but had to get it finished Thursday afternoon instead.  Although nowhere near as big as the above quilt it was a large queen.  Pantograph though which was good.

This quilt is all New Zealand fabrics and is a block of the month run by Quilt Works now in Lower Hutt.  The fabrics are gorgeous.
It uses that wonderful Hoffman New Fabric with all the native birds in the forest.

Finished.  A good week's work, but am I tired!

Now I am getting ready to quilt the second of the commission quilts and trying to decide how to custom this one.  The layout is quite different to the first.  Thinking cap is on.

Thanks for visiting.  Do come back soon.


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  1. Golly you have been busy. Two super results. I love that Kiwiana fabric. I think it's the best one on the market.