Friday, 15 November 2013

Guess What!

I was so excited when I spotted them.  I rushed off back to the house to tell Kerry what I had found!!  After nine long years at last we had BABY WALNUTS!!!!!  We are so ridiculously excited about these little green things appearing over our tree, but it has been a long wait.  See for yourself how beautiful they look...
We planted this tree a short while after we moved to this house.  The section was completely bare of trees apart from a scrawny privet tree which disappeared instantly.  (Our son Richard suffers from severe hayfever.) We planted lots of fruit trees and some natives and love seeing how they have grown and changed completely how the place looks.

Isn't it a beautiful tree.  No doubt once it becomes twice as big we may not wax quite so lyrical about it, but for now we love it.  Kerry has always wanted to have a walnut tree and it has taken 30 years to get to this point!!

It has been a busy week.  I have almost finished the memory quilt with just the two side borders to be done with the paisley motif.  It has been very intensive quilting.  I hope to get it finished tomorrow afternoon.
In the morning I am off to the Church Fair which is why I have been so busy this week.  On Tuesday night I decided to make a couple of loaves.  Then I decided to try out a recipe from a book I had bought in a little Amish shop in the middle of nowhere in Kansas, USA.  It took 7 cups of flour so I figured it had to make quite a few cookies!!  What an understatement. By 10.30 that night we had made 178 cookies.  It became like a factory as I would drop the mixture by the teaspoon full on baking sheets with two in the oven while working on the other two.  When the time went off it was off the tray with two, sing out to Kerry to slide the next two on the hot tray I was holding and into the oven...about a 15 minute turnaround I reckoned!  The kitchen smelled so good as it was a long time since any baking had been done around here.  Now most of them are all bagged up and ready to be sold tomorrow. Last night I decided to try out the "Holiday Breakfast Bread" which turned out to be quite delicious.  We would call it simply a  loaf, but that title sounds good doesn't it?

Thankfully the weather has just started to improve again.  These past three nights we had the fire on again as it was a nasty cold sou'easter blowing outside.  Tyson the cat thought it was a bit cold too and headed for my knitting basket...he just couldn't quite can I make this work?

I did actually manage to do a little patchwork this week too.  I am trying to work on my newest granddaughter's quilt.  It is an Amy Bradley design with twelve appliqued farm animals.  Four down, four ready for lick'n'sticking and four yet to be traced out.  Christmas?  Not sure on that one.

Guess I had better go turn in so I am fit and ready for the crowds at the fair in the morning.  Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back again.


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