Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Progress Report on my List

Thought I should update you on the list that I made in January of three projects that I was to finish by the end of the month. 
The Craftsy BOM has made a small amount of progress. ..two more months I think it was. Got stuck on the Le Moyne Star. Didn't like what I had done so it got put to the side (like we tend to do) until it annoyed me enough to get back to it.  At sewing the set on seams stage now.
Olivia's quilt has made great progress.  Cut the last borders today amd hope to stitch them on in the next day or two.
The Aunt Grace BOM is get exciting too. I have finished all the applique stitching om the centre block so that is finished.  Only 3 hexagons to sew together and the last flower is finished. Sew together with the other blocks made and row 4 will be finished. Just got the fabrics ready for row (or month) 5 and hope to cut over the next few days.  These are the fabrics for these two identical rows.
Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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