Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A Scrappy 10 days....

Friend! How Sacred the Word.

Born in the heart of God, and given to man as a treasure from the eternities - no other word in the language is so heavily freighted with meaning.  With one friend I would count myself rich;  to possess more than one,, I were rich beyond comparison.  A friend is a priceless gem for the crown of life here and a cherished star in memory forever.
                    Cyrus B. Nubbaum

I though it would be nice to have a quote at the beginning of each post, and am going to work through this lovely friendship book I was given ages ago.  Enjoy.

Munch Faster 

The poor old caterpillars are fast depleting their food resources....we have had so many hatch and start munching that even our big plants are almost bare.

We had three big plants and numerous small self seeded ones and they are all chomped up!

We have continued to pick our beautiful big Beefsteak tomatoes and another lot have ended up in the freezer.  Isn't this just so slice fits all....

 House Work!!! (Excuse the Pun)

We have also been flat tack finishing off the back porch and yard of our house.  This picture is the door to nowhere now looking very posh!!

We call it the door to nowhere because it is just a door that no longer opens.  Our house was built in the 1920's and this was the outside storehouse.  It has now been converted into the toilet that is extremely roomy and thankfully, accessed from inside!  Do you remember the days of having to go out the back door to go to the first house when I was married had the toilet out on the porch and the bath inside.

Then I painted the back door too.  Kerry did a terrific job of sanding and leveling the old door.  I get all the good painting

The unpainted frame to the right is going to the the window to nowhere.  This is a clever disguise for the access panel of the hot water cyclinder.  Amazing how you have to invent things on old houses to make it all fit.  Just the scribers to be done and painting.
Saturday sees the concrete poured to make the back yard look lovely.  Our friend Mike is coming to help, plus youngest son Richard will be here.  Mike wanted to know what was I going to make for smoko, so cheese scones it will be!

My Special Toy!

Kerry has finished servicing and repairing my lovely old Singer Featherweight.  I took it home and set it up on my table in the corner and stitched my scrappy squares on it.  Oooh, it is just lovely, but takes a bit of getting used after using a Janome Horizon 8900 that has all the bells and whistles.  Kerry found a small cloth guide in the accessories, so we have set that up for sewing a scant 1/4" seam.  Works perfectly.  So spoilt, that's what I am.

I did finish my lovely modern quilt and have entered it into Wine Country Quilts exhibition.  Dopey me forgot to take some photos before it got whisked off.  Never mind, I will take some of the exhibition that is on the 21st to 23rd March....if you are close enough, it is well worth the visit - it is held at Pukeora Estate.  There will be about 150 quilts on display.

Well, that's the catch up for now.  We have had an awesome autumn day today with temperatures reaching 30 degrees. Phwew that's hot after a very cold autumn start.  Thanks for reading and see you again soon.


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  1. Beef steak tomatoes! Just the best!

    A singer feather weight Oh too nice.