Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Hexagons, washing machines and bits & pieces...

Good grief, now it's March.  What happened I ask.  Hmmmm.   Well, we have been plodding on with the renovations and I can now report the most interesting washing  machine plumbing that you would have seen for a while...lol.  Dh is so inventive!!!

Well, you have to agree, it certainly makes life interesting, and we are definitely going to appreciate the finished bathroom and laundry.  Last night I needed to wash my hair, so knelt in front of the shower base and Kerry held the shower rose while I did the shampooing and conditioning.  We at least found out that the plumbing works.  Gonna be nice to have walls on the shower though...hehehe.
I am working on a hexagon quilt and it has been a bit of a mission deciding on the pattern.  I decided to use this flower and then had to play around with what to do in the plain muslin hexagons between the flowers.  This leafy style gives lots of movement, and I really happy with it.  Now to just do it.

I have started on the border and took my design from the border fabric.  It has paisley shapes and all sorts of other interesting things so "McTavishing" it was.  Lots of fun.  In the brown hexagon frame I am planning to do a freehand leaf feather.  Will take some more photos as I go.

I did manage to get an other block done in my Farmers Wife... maybe I have already shown you this one.  Also completed the bowtie block but forgot to take a photo.  Wow, only 99 to go now!

This is a truly gorgeous block.  It is called spider legs.  A quilt done in this would be quite stunning, but would take quite a bit of patience.  Mind you, once you get the hang of the block it's not so bad.

Had a very busy day/week. We had a visit from Linda of razzle dazzle quilter and Peggy from Taupo called in to see us too.  What a lovely time we had talking at 90 miles an hour.  We lingered over a delicious lunch at the Zinc Cafe in town.  The girls then went back to Napier and attended the SoleMio concert the next evening.  Wonderful I'm told.

Our granddaughter who is expecting twins in May has been admitted to hospital today and they may have to be delivered early (28 weeks). The experts are still mulling it over.  Do hope they can keep them growing for a little bit longer, but depends on them both being safe.

Thanks for stopping by.  Would appreciate your prayers for the babies.


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  1. My goodness that plumbing is a great bit of Kiwi ingenuity!
    Hexi border looking pretty cant wait to see progress.
    Sending good thoughts for babies. Hope they stay with Mum a bit longer.