Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Animals, tulips and a few blocks...

I have been busy since we last chatted, with quilting two customer quilts and finally getting to do some piecing.  My resolve to get some projects finished is finally getting a bit of a shove.

First off, here is Rae's beautiful quilt of tulips.

 I used So Fine 410 Charcoal, and it went beautifully over all the colours,  with bottom line black in the bobbin.

I love the texture this swirl pattern gives to a quilt, without taking away from the fabrics.  Rae's beautiful quilt was being gifted to a close friend for his birthday.  Such a lovely gift.  Still need to practice more on my spacing though.
Then it was on to Janice's baby quilt.  This gorgeous wee baby animal quilt was lots of fun to do.

The thread was King Tut 941 with Bottom Line Sage Green in the bobbin.  Looked really great with these colours.

 I took the designs for the alternate blocks from the wee sashing that is around the animals and kept it really simple.  Definitely had a great time.

 Gorgeous backing fabric that Janice used, which gives the quilt two sides.  Thanks Janice for such fun.

Then I got a little bit of me time.  Managed to finish some more Farmers Wife blocks - this is number 8

Number 9 now completed.

And lastly today I managed to complete No. 82.  Yes, a big jump in numbers, but one of our FW group is roaring ahead as the quilt will be for her bed.  This block gave her some problems so I had a go at nutting it out.  Phew!!  It took some doing, but at last a few pennies went clunk and the block was sorted.  I now have 11 blocks finished...you know what that means dont you?  There are only 100 left to go!!!!

Last night I managed to complete some more of my Blue  Scrap Quilt blocks.  These are the accent blocks with the inner red circle.  Just loving the contrast from the red.  Only 7 more blocks to go and I will be able to start assembling the rows.  Yippee!  It almost feels like I am making progress here.

So there you have it.  My list remains to same, but at least there has been stuff happening.  Now that things are settling a little in the housing department...like sleeping in our own bed, I can pop into the shop and do some stitching.  Sort of like my own personal studio/shop all wrapped up in one.  We wont look at the pile of stuff in the corner of my lounge/kitchen/longarm/ everything room!!!

Hope you are all having a great week too.  Have to go to a funeral tomorrow.  My close friend lost her husband to cancer on Friday.  It is so awful when these things happen.  Thank heavens for faith in a better life after this one.

Take care and blessings,

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