Thursday, 7 August 2014

Aunt Grace BOM, ladybird quilt and a tui in our tree!!

Here are the promised photos of the progress I made on my Aunt Grace quilt.  I am so thrilled to be starting to sash this quilt and get the final border on.  Also love the way it has come out.  The biggest challenge will be to get it quilted quickly....the list is very long at the moment.

The colours look good in the top photo, but a little faded in the one below. It is a truly bright and lively quilt.

All the blocks look so different and colourful and once I get the plain sashing between the rows it will look even better.
The flower garden
This is Jean's smaller quilt that I quilted for her yesterday.  It is very bright with the orange and lime green.  the focus fabric has very colourful ladybirds all over it.  I chose a lovely flouro green Magnifico 22022 thread which looks great.  The pattern is "Plush" and the back is a softer dinosaur fabric.  Thanks for your quilts Jean, I loved quilting them.

Kerry and I were most excited a couple of days ago to spot a Tui in our flowering cherry tree (which, by the way, shouldn't be flowering this early) and it came back again today.  My photo is not great but hopefully you will see this gorgeous bird if you click on it.  Tuis are a native to New Zealand and have the most glorious singing voice.  They are a black that has a wonderful iridesence in it and a white "cotton ball" under their beak.  We planted quite a few plants and trees that are food for these birds as we are very fond of our feathered friends.

That's it for now...the packing is going quite well, but I am fighting another flu type bug.  I did have to move my stash from here over to the shop....hmmm quite a bit of sorting and thinking that I do NOT need anymore fabric for quite some time.  (Famous last words!)  We hope to move everything on Saturday and then spend the next couple of days finishing up with the cleaning and bits and pieces so the house is looking good for its new owners.

Hope you are all well and managing to do lots of your favourite activity.

Blessings to you all