Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tinkerbelle and friends

There is something odd that happens during the month of December that has just happened again....a whole week has disappeared without telling me!!  I am sure it was only last week yesterday!  Oh my goodness see what the Christmas rush does to people.

So what are the happenings of this week that disappeared....well mostly it was working to get this second memorial quilt finished.  After a consultation with the young woman who ordered these quilts I had to add some extra pieces of fabric onto the back that I had made up. A major "lick and stick" operation, but it worked.  Kerry made up a template for the border to ensure it came out evenly and then (dear man) he drew it onto the borders for me.  Not that I was resting on my laurels I should say.  Basted and started quilting a wee quilt a customer bought in that was made in a few challenging ways.  I ditch quilted it on my Janome Horizon machine that has an 11.5" throat and then started doing some background work on the blocks.

I also loaded a small panel on my longarm that I wanted to quilt up for one of my granddaughters. This was on Saturday. I decided to have a play and really enjoyed myself.

All little girls love Tinkerbelle....don't they?  Now to get the binding done in time to send it off to the Waikato.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a figure like that!!  In my dreams....

Saturday was also the day of our local Christmas Parade.  The parade has been a little dismal over the last few years, but some wonderful person put up some great cash prizes...and lo and behold...our parade was revitalised.  After all, $2000 is an awesome amount to win.
This is the float that Epic Ministries Trust put in.  They are affiliated to our church.  Epic does an amazing amount of work with kids, both in church families and in our local community.  They are particularly good at working with troubled kids and now have a large staff working in many different areas.

So now it is Tuesday and I have at last started quilting the memory quilt.  The  challenges of jeans pockets (3 of them) all stitched together, tshirt fabrics with interfacing on the back and thick plastic paint on the front.  Never to worry. Almost a third of the way through.  I am doing much more minimal work on this because the format is quite different to the first one and the fabrics dont allow too much quilting.

Better go get some beauty sleep so I can get stuck into it tomorrow.  That's after delivering a bunch of new sewing machines down to the Dannevirke High School.  Great that more kids are going to learn about the joys of making their own clothes.

Blessings and thanks for reading this blog....I hope to come again soon.


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