Saturday, 25 January 2020

The New Decade has begun...

with very little being done by me.  Oh dear, I shall be hoping to get a lot better so there can be some progress made soon.
Had a  most fabulous visit to Wellington for the 5th birthday of Marceline Moore.  A schoolgirl now, oh my!  Where has this last five years gone I wonder, with so many major changes.  We managed to navigate the 29 steps up to Richard & Kea's house, twice I might add, lol, but it was maybe a bit much.  Should have used the brain and had a bigger rest gap between trips, but I was too keen to be out and about with the birthday girl.  All is good and on the way back now just a bit more slowly than thought,  and so no stitching is going on.  Darn.! Am working on a solution with a friend who is going to give me a bit of a hand with the bigger, heavier stuff.  Yay.
Not much in the way of photos either folks, sorry about that, but haven't actually been anywhere to take them.  I have done a little bit of cross stitch on a wee sampler I'm doing and enjoying too.  Haven't cross stitched for years.

Thought I would join in the RSC at so scrappy with the first colour being my favourite - green. Now there are only five days of the month to go... not a good start at all, but really keen to move out some of these scrap fabrics.

This is from springtime and now it's all dried up and looking a little sad for itself in the heat.  We have a week of temperatures of around 32 C at the moment.  Too hot for me and my garden, so on goes the air conditioning.

Hoping to make a start with my friend helping on getting the sashing triangles stitched onto the mystery hexagon quilt that I did last year.  Then I will put a small frame and final border onto it.  Looking forward to it getting finished at last as was hoping it would have happened last year, but sometimes things don't work out to plan do they?

The colours are certainly quite beautiful and very different for me to work with.  I have the recipient of this quilt all worked out and it is going to be a surprise.  Love that.

Well, I don't have a lot more to add today, but wanted to let you know what was happening in my world.  I may even get a beanie started this week as the urge is beginning to grow - a lovely friend gave me some gorgeous autumnal coloured wool, so that made the fingers itch a little bit.

Thanks for popping in and I shall try to have some more exciting news for you next time,.  Take care and keep on stitching,
God bless and big hugs,


I'm linking with Cynthia of Oh! Scrap here lots of lovely eye candy


  1. The blocks are gorgeous as well as the

    1. Thanks Billie, they were quite a challenge.

  2. Like yourself Clare I have been making good use of the air conditioning, the heat and humidity does me no favours! Garden are becoming so very dry from all this heat and the weather forecast seems to be telling us present conditions will continue on a while longer. I'm pleased you have a kind helper to deal with the blocks, they're beautiful !and I love the colours

    1. Thanks Maureen, the heat has been even worse this week.

  3. Those are gorgeous blocks, Clare. And your flowers brought smiles. It's good to tale photos of them for when the heat makes them all go away. Hugs, dear friend.

  4. Hello Clare,

    Love your blocks, especially the one with the butterflies in the centre. 29 steps sounds like where my cousin lives in Wellington. Everyone has strong calf muscles there.

    Happy days.

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